Strategic partner

• Awarding the status of the Strategic Partner of the International Customs Forum with the right to usage of Forum logo and indication of this status in your own marketing communication materials within one (1) year after signing the contract
• The Partner is provided with exhibition area (for development) on the territory of the Forum for arrangement of presentation zone (50 m2)
• Providing the possibility of organizing a zone of business communication on the territory of the Forum exposition in the agreed place
• One (1) meeting room to be provided for the whole period of the Forum
• The right to hold your own business event/presentation within the framework of the Forum (not exceeding 1.5 hour, the venue shall be coordinated with the steering committee)
• Publication of the banner/Partner logo with the status indication on the official Forum website
• Publication of the Partner page on the official Forum website in “Partners and Sponsors” section
• Publication of additional (your own) advertising media on the Forum territory upon coordination with the operator
• Full-color advertising page (advertisement module) (1 A4 printed side on the 4th cover) in the Official Forum catalogue
• Video advertisements to be placed on the territory of the Forum
• Badges to be issued for the whole period of the Forum

(Exhibitor — 15, VIP-Delegate — 10, Delegate — 5)

• Placement of the Partner logo:
• on the Press Wall
• on the 1st page of the Official Forum catalogue
• on badges of all categories
• on invitation cards
• on all press-releases and advertising materials devoted to the Forum
• on notebooks and bags
• on lanyards
• References in press-release and post-release to the Forum
• Providing an area for press-scrum (the date of the event, topic and additional information shall be submitted before 01.10.2018)
• Distribution of advertising materials of the Strategic Partner among the Forum visitors via the registration stand
• Insertion of advertising materials of the Strategic Partner into the Forum Exhibitors’ bags
• The right to hold quizzes and contests with exhibitors and visitors of the Forum with prizes from the Strategic Partner
• Access to the VIP parking lot
• Placement of the banner (Roll-up) in the entrance area
• Participation of photographer partner in the Forum
• Awarding a Forum diploma with the mention of the status of a Strategic partner
• Reporting photo materials from the Forum